thePhotoShow podcast

Happy to announce the release of Episode 2 of thePhotoShow podcast, listen to a conversation where Michael Dalton and Anibal Pella-Woo talk to me about my origins in photography, including childhood influences, Read more

Panoramic Portraits  (1 new item)

Cinemascope inspired panoramic portraits

pencamProjekt nov 2000

Sunset on the roof of 111 Grand Street taken with pencam.

pencamProjekt nov 2000

string on sidewalk taken with pencam.

pencamProjekt nov 2000

self-portrait with pencam.

pencamProjekt Archive

In November of 2000, two months after moving to New York City, I saw a woman using a tiny digital camera and accosted her for the name, Aiptek Pencam Trio. The Pencam combined a webcam, simple viewfinder, LCD counter, and ran on two AAA batteries, but… Read more

Manhattan Newsstands

The old newsstands were a hodgepodge, built and repaired over the decades with idiosyncratic components patched on by each owner, buried under layers of paint, bearing the patina of the weather and the gouges left by trucks and cars.

#SzarkowskiSaturday John Szarkowski Quotes

In October of 2014, I began posting quotes from the photographer, and great MoMA curator, John Szarkowski [shar-COUGH-ski, not Czar-cow-ski] to my Twitter account on Saturdays with the hashtag #SzarkowskiSaturday… Read more